∙ The Emptiness

The sickness of the spirit can be fixed through the vasteness of the feeling of solitude that natures sophisticated branches can build upon our sight. The panoramic vision of a surrounding so overwhelmingly rich and bright can extract us from the poor and frivilous sensations that may fall upon us. The Emptiness is an atempt to express the safeness that nature can caress upon the harshness of barbwire-like veins. Through multiple journeys side-by-side with great figures of nature's creation, I tend to feel a void that is exciting because it brings a certainty of clarity and peacefulness I lack in most circumstances of my life. Sometimes emotions arise from that emptiness with a great concern for themselves, applauding the space they have to exist freely within me, building up more tissue where they'll be able to grow. 

∙ The Self, Aware

A set of portraits, a gather of emotions, human expressions or actions. Always drawn into the human psyche, I understand the easiness of connecting with someone from the moment you put yourself in a more vulnerable position. Since I spent most of my life being distant and cold, I began to understand that drawing the first smile or tear brings a lot more lessons and opportunities than being swallowed from within, attempting to hide the flaws and insecurities that indite the whole of who I am. Expectedly, openness is a process that doesn't resonate naturally with a lot of people. The reasons vary widely, but they are all comprehensible. Once I've step out of the dark I kept spiraling on and accepted my irregularities, understanding others around me became somewhat of an obsession. I felt compelled to tell their stories in a direct way, but always with the consideration for the mysterious cloak they presented themselves with. Peaking through it in a respectable sense is a motif I always see myself thinking about because I feel that a lot of perspicuity for perceiving questions never answered lies within the complexity of consciousness, and the only way to absorb consciousness beyond the fictional walls of our own is to bring it out in others. Our face and our body behave accordingly, and that's what I'm bound to pursue.

∙ The Savageness

In this series, my aim is to magnify the concept of something wildly untamed, free from locks and constructs. In a not-so-serious manner, The Savageness is a personal discovery of what the outline of the idea is, or even if it exists one. Sometimes the sensation of being in the presence of something savage, or the stroke of the word in a random situation, is enough to compel me in the direction of it's appreciation. Interested in this process, I understand it's not an obvious track of thought to follow or apprehend, but what interests me is - I can explore it in a more unreserved way than usual, and for that reason alone I think it's worth following it.

∙ The Lack of Self Perseverance 

This project was carried out through a Project-orientaded semester in my first year of Photography school, where the theme was, specifically, ADDICTION. Immediately I had a strong conviction that I wanted to avoid the directness of portraying it in a literal way. I started to write a story in my head about a persona that has been eaten up by addiction - it does not matter what kind of addiction, I didn't think it would be relevant for the objective I had in mind - and the environment that character exists in. The visual scenario had to bring up the idea of someone who wasn't very much focused on caring, nor giving away a variety of emotions, so that I could write a straight line of sadness and discomfort in the narrative I was aiming to create. Studying a bit about what other artists and writers have written or said about addiction, I understood that in a panoramic understanding we all saw it as some kind of complex, multi-layered, profound disregard for ones balance, hence The Lack of Self Perseverance is born after months of thinking and processing it.

∙everything is a forever working progress, and this is no exception - what is written and exposed here today, might not be the same over time ∙